Combining the art of sales and persuasion with data and thematic story elements to accelerate your launch results, one engaging funnel at a time.

You Have the K, Q, J and 10 - We're Your Ace

Every successful business owner has a secret weapon (or two): a great sales copywriter. 

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Chessica x Nickie

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Sales Funnels and Conversion Copywriting 
for Coaches, Course Creators and Consultants.

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so you're ready to leverage the power of a funnel to sell your digital products?

We got you.

"I am BLOWN AWAY by the quality of these emails. This is outstanding work!! And I am not impressed easily. With every copywriter we have ever hired, I always have changes. And with your work, I didn't have to change a thing. THANK YOU for taking the time to be so thoughtful with our copy request."

 Laura Meyer,
The Advance Co-Founder

This Isn't A Testimonial

It's proof we do things differently.

Lean in close... 

You have the soul of an entrepreneur and a golden heart for helping others. Your courses, books, and products help others reach their goals and find their own silver lining in the sky.

Helping others achieve their dreams is something you were born to do.

But somewhere between the day to day activities inside your business... managing your team... and showing up to teach your students and guide your clients...

There’s just no time left in the day to sit down and actually write all the content or build all of the funnels.

Combine THAT with the art of storytelling, human psychology and data…

And you’ve got a powerful framework that works magically to create trust, move readers to take action, and compel people to buy your products and services - over and over again.

This type of high-level skill and marketing - it’s the lifeline between where your business stands today, and the revenue, impact, and legacy your brand is going to make tomorrow.

You need us.


We all know that sales copy is one of the most important and valuable pieces of your marketing strategy and a pivotal component to your business growth.

Which Can Only Mean This:
You can’t outsource or trust just anyone with your sales funnel or copywriting needs.

Your success requires an expert who...

Gets your voice and writes in a way that will make you totally indistinguishable from the rest.

Clearly understands your business, products, and customer buying journey so they create beautifully designed funnels that yield powerful results, every time.

Makes the whole content and design process easy and seamless for you and your team.

So the next logical step is to -

Partner with a specialized agency that will deliver amazing results and hit the ball out the park every time you wind up to pitch.

We’re a digital marketing agency committed to helping innovative and influential brands grow their business, increase their leads, clients, and revenue, and establish their authority through the use of automated sales funnel and conversion copywriting.

We do that by crafting authentic, entertaining, genuine content -- and designing beautiful funnels -- infused with creative story and messaging elements that highlight the value of your offer and connect with the hearts & minds of your audience. 

Hi! We’re Chessica x Nickie, otherwise known as The Funnel Sisters.

Do you worry about having compelling, converting copy?

We can help with that. 

Unleash the power of your offer with our powerful 14-point sales funnel copywriting framework. 

14-Point Sales Funnel Copywriting Framework

    "When I say I love everything they write for me, I literally mean it. They get my voice and they understand my audience. I get great feedback from clients too. I've had them tell me "wow, I really loved yesterday's email" and to add the cherry on top, I noticed I'm getting more replies and clicks to my call to actions. I love Chessica + Nickie!"

    Robyn Bennett,
    The Technology Queen

    The Write Words.


    "I'm so enamored with my copy. I want more."

    You Don't Just Read It. You Feel It.

    capture leads

    acquire clients

    expand your authority

    generate sales

    Words Done Right.

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    Happy to work with Chessica & Nickie again

    Elise Darma,
    Instagram Educator

    "Chessica and Nickie teach in a step-by-step and visual way that my audience knows and loves. They are thorough in their concepts and examples, and went the extra mile in addressing any questions about sales page copywriting. I'd be happy to work with Chessica and Nickie as copywriting coaches again."

    Write Now Funnels


    It's the closest thing to instant gratification for the conversion junkie (like us). A funnel in weeks, not months. Our goal with this service is to transform your readers into red hot buyers and cold audiences into qualified leads using our signature 4-part STORYFIED writing process.

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    Email Copywriting

    Death to boring email. This is for the business owner who wants more than just vanilla: creative, story-driven weekly nurture or launch content that entertains and converts

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    Retainer Packages

    There's a time for short and sweet and one and done. This ain't it. When time is of the essence, Chessica and Nickie are right by your side - month after month. Ongoing support and accountability packages for entrepreneurs and growing brands.

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    Various types of lead generation and client acquisition sales funnels are available.

    Various types of email marketing campaigns available to suit your specific needs. 

    Packages available based on your current business model, client acquisition needs, and revenue goals. 

    The Funnel Sisters Services

    The best launch our company has ever had

    Steph Loaiza,
    The Six Sisters' Stuff

    "THANK YOU. This is the best launch our company has ever had and the very first "funnel" we've ever done. You took our funnel from "okay, I might buy this" to "Oh my gosh they get me and I need this product!" with just a few tweaks and specific wording. You went above and beyond to serve us in such a quick turnaround time, and we will be recommending you to everyone we know."

    get to where you want to go faster

    We craft words & build powerful funnels for each step of your customer's

    We're business besties turned business partners who met through divine intervention while working on a church bulletin in our small, beachy town in the Florida Panhandle. Through our nonprofit work, we discovered a mutual passion for copywriting and all things digital marketing. Our weekly volunteer time turned into mini mastermind sessions, and the rest is history...

    bring your vision to life


    "Book of You was the most personalized experience I’ve ever had for getting my emails written and written well, without taking over a lot of my time. My open rates and click through rates are up, too. I highly recommend The Funnel Sisters!"

    Pamela Carpenter,
    Website Rescue

    Personalized Service That Comes with Results

    You deserve...

    Story Charms is our signature 3-part email writing workshop that teaches you how to craft engaging and entertaining weekly email letters people LOVE reading - and you ENJOY writing.

    Their incredible copywriting acumen is everything

    Tracy Saunders,

    "Skip the humble-bragging copywriting "gurus" and head directly for the Funnel Sisters. They are the real deal. Their diversity of thought, warmth, and laser-sharp ability to understand your business plus their incredible copywriting acumen is EVERYTHING. I not only love every minute I spend collaborating with them but I love every word they write. If you want to work with a team who really listens to understand and can convert your message, I highly recommend the Funnel Sisters."



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