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Formally known as
The Funnel Sisters



Chessica x Nickie

MILLIONS made...

60+ clients...

3 years...

We are now

"When I say I love everything they write for me, I literally mean it. They get my voice and they understand my audience. I get great feedback from clients too. I've had them tell me "wow, I really loved yesterday's email" and to add the cherry on top, I noticed I'm getting more replies and clicks to my call to actions. I love Chessica + Nickie!"

Robyn Bennett,
The Technology Queen

The Write Words.


Happy to work with Chessica & Nickie again.

Elise Darma,
Instagram Educator

"Chessica and Nickie teach in a step-by-step and visual way that my audience knows and loves. They are thorough in their concepts and examples, and went the extra mile in addressing any questions about sales page copywriting. I'd be happy to work with Chessica and Nickie as copywriting coaches again."

"Book of You was the most personalized experience I’ve ever had for getting my emails written and written well, without taking over a lot of my time. My open rates and click through rates are up, too. I highly recommend The Funnel Sisters!"

Pamela Carpenter,
Website Rescue

Personalized Service That Comes with Results.

You deserve...

The best launch our company has ever had.

Steph Loaiza,
The Six Sisters' Stuff

"THANK YOU. This is the best launch our company has ever had and the very first "funnel" we've ever done. You took our funnel from "okay, I might buy this" to "Oh my gosh they get me and I need this product!" with just a few tweaks and specific wording. You went above and beyond to serve us in such a quick turnaround time, and we will be recommending you to everyone we know."

"[It's] been great working with Chessica & Nickie over the last couple of months. Their copywriting expertise has helped me to communicate my message in a clear and compelling way to my audience. They took the time to understand my goals and target audience and crafted copy that spoke directly to them. The process is always seamless and the turnaround time quick. They also provide great suggestions and are open to revisions until I'm completely satisfied."

Abi Connick,
Brand Designer & Educator

Communicates clearly and compellingly.

Seamless process...

Had everyone

Sile O'Broin,
Leadership & Relationship Coach

"I hired The Funnel Sisters to write my story in four emails. In a word, their writing is exquisite: they created intrigue and mystery and had everyone hooked! I will definitely be using their talents again!"

"I've been working with the Funnel Sisters for 2 months and I'm already BLOWN AWAY! Not only do they get 'my voice' but they bring so much extra pizazz and character to really make my emails come alive. They are a joy to work with and the process is so easy - 30 minutes of my time to chat about the upcoming month and then all of a sudden I have 4 expertly crafted emails ready to nurture my list. It goes without saying... I will definitely continue working with the Funnel Sisters (and highly recommend you do too)!"

Julia Taylor,
GeekPack    Founder

They get 'my voice'
(and then some).

Brings the pizazz