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"I've been working with the Funnel Sisters for two months and I'm already BLOWN AWAY! Not only do they get 'my voice' but they bring so much extra pizazz and character to really make my emails come alive. They are a joy to work with and the process is so easy - 30 minutes of my time to chat about the upcoming month and then all of a sudden I have 4 expertly crafted emails ready to nurture my list. It goes without saying... I will definitely continue working with the Funnel Sisters (and highly recommend you do too)!"

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-Julia Taylor,

Ready to Play Up Your Nurture Content?

We're dishing out creative emails that get clicks.

"I just read the emails and I absolutely love, love, love the emails. So, just wanted to pop in here and say thank you and that they're wonderful and I really, really appreciate it." Tatiana Belim

currated emails filled with personal stories and brand-building messages as bold and beautiful as you are

content that captures attention and is pumped to the brim with *your* tone, voice and personality

entertaining, engaging broadcasts that don't obnoxiously scream "marketing message"

Did you know...

Email generates $42 for every $1 spent.

Yielding an incredible 4200% return on investment. Not too shabby. On top of that, businesses that nurture the leads that they DO have generate 50% MORE "sales-ready" prospects at 1/3 the cost. Again, not too shabby. But you may be thinking, "Fair enough, ladies. Those numbers look good, but how does that translate into purchase behavior?" Ah, yes! We thought of that also ;) According to our research, nurtured leads yield 47% LARGER purchases than (you guessed it) non-nurtured leads. 

The evidence is in: you're likely to make more money and increase sales showing up consistently and nurturing your email list.

if you're not nurturing your email list, you may be losing money - lots of it.



Amplifies Your Uniqueness

Ever find it a challenge to show up consistently? We're here to help with that. With Book of You you'll receive once per week custom-crafted, bespoke emails as special as you are. Written in a way that not only engages readers with pleasing and personalize on-brand content, as your right hand copywriters, we'll empower you to step INTO who you are what makes you unique. The result? Episodic emails that read like a behind-the-scenes book to your life and business.

Out of the Box

The worse thing about marketing these days? Sounding like everybody else. (Are we right... or are we right? ) With Book of You it's NEVER copy cat. In fact, we'll free you from the sea of sameness and whip up fun-to-read email nurture content that's individually hand crafted, creatively themed, and always strategically moving people through the customer journey. We promise: you'll actually be EXCITED to send these email letters out.


"Do your copy magic." you say? Why, we be delighted! Week after week, month after month, Book of You emails gift your subscribers with entertaining content that isn't a chore or a bore to read. This signature service captures your brand story, highlights upcoming marketing and sales opportunities, and does so in a way that has people thinking, "I enjoyed that", instead of looking for the unsubscribe button. 

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Dubbed the 'Two Minute Inbox Experience'. Freshly curated story-driven email content to grow and nurture your list AND build a brand your audience loves. Every. Single. Week.

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