i'm ready to hit publish with 100% confidence

Know if your copy is going to convert and push "publish" with 100% confidence.  

No one has taught you to "see" what's missing in your messaging.

Copy Fresco is a monthly membership & group collective where you'll meet with Chessica and Nickie twice per month live on Zoom with other business owners to receive personalized copy feedback and the missing accountability you need to routinely publish copy that converts

Experience peace of mind having direct access to two conversion copywriting experts and agency owners who are there when you need them -- plus micro training to get better at persuasive writing, month over month. 

Monthly Membership

Personalized writing feedback & accountability
meets group collective

INCLUDING - 24/7 access to your membership area to listen and replay all recorded calls. (Value $30 ) 

We meet every other Thursday at 10 am CST to provide you with: 

Monthly Price: $70/month

*use code FRESCOBF2022 for 20% OFF through Friday, November 25th. 

Yes! I'm ready for fresh copywriting feedback >>

LIVE FEEDBACK during copy and messaging reviews of your funnels, emails, ads, or webpages. No more wondering how to make your words more compelling or guessing what cold make it convert. You'll know exactly what to do to level-up your copy and walk away with concrete feedback and crystal clear direction for every marketing piece you present.
(Value $199 )

MICRO TRAINING to strengthen your persuasive messaging and conversion copwriting abilities. You'll walk away feeling 100% confident publishing any and all marketing assets, while also getting the accountability you need to write consistently. One actionable topic is covered each session and recordings available in your member's area. (Value $250 )

Time left over will be devoted to a question and answer session giving you the ability to tap into our knowledge and the power of a group collective so results come quicker and more efficiently. Copy will no longer an arduous task in your business -- it will transform into an enjoyable creative outlet you get better and better with over time. (Value $100 )






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