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How one knitting and crochet influencer went from “I’m not exactly sure what a funnel is” to making $30,000 in less than 72 hours with a $17 low ticket offer (without any paid ads).






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The Dilemma

It was right before the holiday season and Black Friday rush – a time when almost every online entrepreneur was bundling up their products and tweaking and building their sales pages in preparation for the big day.

Enter Marly Bird.

A blog and youtube influencer in the knitting and crochet industry.

She boasts over 250k followers on her YouTube channel, has a highly engaged Facebook group, has teamed up with dozens of power players in her industry, and has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to harness the power of their yarn, needles, and hooks to create beautiful projects that they love.

At the time, Marly was in the process of taking an online course so she could learn how to build her first sales page and create her first pressure launch.

That’s when she quickly realized that there were a lot of moving parts in the sales funnel process.

She needed:
> Launch emails
> Sales page design + copy
> Zapier to connect her member vault platform to everything.
> Customer support assistance
> High level launch strategy

All of which was a lot for one person to handle individually.

That’s when she reached out to the Funnel Sisters for help.

“I know what I need to do, I just need help getting there,” she sent us over voice message.

We met with her, listened to what she needed, the concerns she had, then mapped out a launch strategy and timeline and got to work.

The RX

We had approximately 2 months to get everything mapped out and configured to meet her holiday deadline.

The first step we took was a deep dive into the Marly Bird brand.

We met with her for the initial 2 hour deep dive questionnaire call.

During that time we immersed ourselves into her brand.

We dug deep into her client avatar, learned all about their goals, aspirations and what they wanted from the product.

We discussed her pricing model, and gave her advice on her upsell and one-time offer (OTO).

We then gathered fun and interesting facts and stories about her and the customers she serves, to make her launch emails more captivating and increase conversions.

Once the deep dive call was completed we got to work, mining data from her Facebook group, YouTube channel, testimonials and book reviews.

Every client who comes into our universe, gets the best of both worlds. Nickie focuses on the direct response portion of the copywriting process, adding sales triggers and elements of direct response.

While Chessica draws readers in using unique storytelling elements, and out of the box copywriting techniques that increase the readability of the sales page and funnel.

We worked in tandem with each other to create powerful copy and build a beautiful funnel that wowed her audience, kept them entertained and compelled them to buy.

In November of 2020 Marly went live on to thousands of her subscribers announcing her first product ever, Stash Busting Quickies, was open for sale.

After 12 highly engaging, story-driven pre-launch emails sent to email subscribers, one beautifully designed sales funnel written in her fun-loving brand voice, back-end technical support, and strategy from the Funnel Sisters.

Customers rushed to her cart to buy, and what happened next totally shocked us all…

The Epilogue

Without any paid ads at all..

Marly’s cart made over ten thousand dollars within the first few hours.

Her cart was steady climbing and converting.

The open rate for each email was around 35%

The click-through rate for each email was 10+%

By partnering with the Funnel Sisters, Marly's first launch was a total success and blew industry standards out the water by epic proportions. 

We worked together with her team to capture the essence of her brand and create funnel design and copy that spoke directly to the heart of her clients.

And it paid dividends, Marly walked away from her first launch with over $30k on a low ticket offer and proudly boasted a funnel that closed 32.7+% conversion rate (no this is not a typo). The kicker to this all? We launched this funnel during Amazon's infamous Nov 2020 AWS outage that unexpectedly took down a big chunk of the Internet. Our team was able to quickly put real-time systems in place to circumvent a launch disaster so that we finished strong.

Marly and The Funnel Sisters partnered together for several more launches that were nothing short of incredible for this beloved knitting and crochet influencer. You may connect with Marly here.

*Results not typical. This is the outcome of a years of visibility, list building and audience nurturing - but absolutely a phenomenal example of the sheer power of a great offer + a fabulous funnel + conversion optimized, story driven sales content and a skillful launch team that can support you!

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“As a newbie in the funnel world, I was eager to build my first funnel. But as I started on my path to a gorgeous funnel, it was clear that I needed a more hands on guide. That is where The Funnel Sisters stepped in and acted as my funnel guru’s. They helped me with copy, with tech, and with emotional support and encouragement as we got close to launch. Nicole and Chessica helped me get to where I wanted to go. My first funnel was a success because the offer AND the funnel were amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them. #customer4life"
Marly Bird

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