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Catastrophe averted: How the Funnel Sisters quickly and miraculously brought this non-converting sales page back to life in the middle of a LIVE pressure launch.






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Dr. Sarah bartel

sales funnel strategy, copy, design

quarter one pressure launch

sold organically via email

The Dilemma

Nathan and Dr. Sarah Bartel run a Catholic marriage mentorship program, Cana Feast. Inside, they teach Catholic couples how to create more joy inside of their marriage using the teachings of St. Therese, a Catholic saint that much of their program is modeled after.

Before the launch of their program, the Bartels brought in over 6,000 leads into their email list with an amazing lead magnet they created.

Their plan – to nurture the leads on their list and move them into purchasing their signature program, Abundant.

They really wanted to take advantage of this live launch and maximize their conversions, so they decided to partner with our team to write the copy for their sales page.

Their product is very niched, and caters solely to the devout Catholic couple looking to bring more attention to their marriage.

In order to capture the voice and essence of their brand, The Funnel Sisters conducted a 2 hour avatar and deep dive questionnaire with the Bartels to understand their audience's pain points, fears, frustrations and goals.

They worked with the Bartels to gather surveys, testimonials, research they’ve conducted, data, and dug deep into their course to get a better understanding of the program features and benefits.

Then we got to work crafting the copy to their sales page, taking special care to outline story elements, photos and crossheads.

When the copy was completed, we handed it off to them for the funnel design to be implemented.
Within a few days the page went live and they launched.

And that’s when we received the distressed SOS email from Sara…

“Oh man, I’m getting so discouraged. We’ve had 100 click throughs on this email to the sales page so far but no sales yet..”

The Copy was good and it incorporated all of the elements of a sales, so we knew that wasn’t the problem.

So we decided to hop on an emergency zoom call to troubleshoot and find where the disconnect was happening.

The RX

Hours later, we met with Sarah and Nathan on a zoom call and had them pull up their sales page.

As soon as they pulled it up and looked everything over, we pinpointed where the problem was immediately.

The sales page design needed some major work.

There were too many words and not enough photos or visual story elements to illustrate the problem and accompany the sales copy. It felt busy and overwhelming. Their funnel needed to read like a book and draw people into the message - section by section, block by block.

We spent an hour on the phone with them going line by line on the funnel and pinpointing everything that needed to be changed in order for the conversions to increase. Examples were provided and conversion-optimized feedback was promply provided.

All of which they began to implement immediately after our call.

The Epilogue

We worked together and became the Bartels right hand copy confidants throughout this whole process.

Giving them sound, proven advice they were able to implement right away in order to save the conversions on their funnel.

And it all paid off for them.

In the end, they bought in 43 new sales from the 6,601 new leads and profited a little over $19,000.

… not bad for their first live on launch
… on a brand new offer
… with 6,000 that have only been nurtured for a few short months.

Aside from bringing in more leads and income into her business, the Bartels are truly thankful for the impact that their product is making for Catholic couples around the world…

“… we're so grateful that [this workshop] blessed people around the world, those who came into our course will have an opportunity to do deeper work.”

"Thank you so much for your beautiful work on our sales page! I love it! Wow, I love how you tell the story of the woman's day, the thoughts she might be thinking--it's all so compelling! [At this point] we’d love to use your beautiful help as much as possible to help us get to where we want to be quicker—we just love your work and approach!

We understood the assignment.

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