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excited to launch an offer that grows your audience and brings in revenue?

Us too.

Sales Funnel Audit - Get off the Struggle Bus and Receive Guidance from Experts

End the conflicting copywriting answers from various unreliable internet sources that lead to nowhere. Get the shortcut fix and first step to reviving cold-converting and comatose copy: a copy audit.

"It's the confidence and relief that we feel whenever we ask them to help with a project." Sarah and Nathan Bartel

Sales Funnel Design & Launch Copywriting

Everyone keep telling you how successful all of these online launches are?

We've got YOUR winning formula.



Increase awareness of your offer and generate more sales with long-form sales funnels + story-driven launch email copy that’s designed to strategically nurture your audience through the entire buyer’s journey. 

This isn’t just another page on your website. This is a full-fledged automated sales and marketing assets to accompany it that has the potential to bring in new revenue for YEARS to come. 

Yes, Please

"What I really appreciate about working with The Funnel Sisters is their gentle invitation to the offer. That approach to sales is really what we want to do, how we want to do business. We don't want to be this aggressive, high pressure, intense pressure-y type of sales in how we approach our couples who we invite to work with us. So I love that."

Nathan & Sarah Bartel
Catholic Marriage Coaches

The French 75 Podcast is hands-down one of the best business and marketing pods on the airwaves.

— jocelyn, head of social, Create cultivate

Blair changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her.

— lindsay, co-founder of almost 30

Do you worry about having compelling, converting copy?

We can help with that. 

Unleash the power of your offer with our powerful 14-point sales funnel copywriting framework. 

14-Point Sales Funnel Copywriting Framework


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